It was my birthday and I was pissed off.

I’d had to go into the office for a meeting with a client who had refused to move it and it hadn’t gone well. I’d still got an hours worth of follow up work to do before I could head home.

I’d had to leave the house early this morning and Kathy wasn’t even awake when I got out of bed so I’d not even had “Happy Birthday” from her let alone a birthday shag. To make matters worse she wasn’t answering my texts or calls, she was obviously “too busy” to give me any attention on my birthday.

Hitting the power switch on the PC, “Thats it ! fuck off !” I thought to myself in a comedy voice as I watched the screen turn black, smirking with a degree of satisfaction.

Still no contact with Kathy. I was beginning to get worried, it wasn’t often she went incommunicado. “Commando, yes, incommunicado, no” I thought smiling to myself.

I tried calling her mobile, but there was no answer. Moments after I finished the call, the phone beeped with a message from Kathy.

“Left you something in the fridge. x”

What ? A text querying hers met no response.

I drove home puzzling over her message and the subsequent silence. Turning into the driveway I cursed a taxi parked in front of the house as I had to drive around him to get in.

“What a stupid place to park up for a fag.” I muttered to myself as I opened the front door.

I don’t know what I was expecting but this wasn’t it.

There were paper arrows on the hall floor tracing a path to the kitchen and ultimately directing me to the fridge.

I opened the door cautiously, no idea why, it wasn’t as if Kathy was going to leap out at me was it ?

There on the middle shelf was a piece of paper propped up against the mayo with “Pete” and a gold star with a big number one stencilled in the center

Now, my curiosity was in overdrive. I unfolded the paper to be met with a photograph of a smiling naked Kathy lying on a bed with a large vibrator deep in her cunt.

Below the picture she’d written

Happy Birthday Pete,

I’m waiting for you, but I’m not telling you where, you’re going to have to work that one out. I’ve left you a number of clues, but that’s all I’m telling you for now.

You’d best hurry up before I wear myself out with my toy – I brought spare batteries in case it take you too long 🙂

By the way the taxi outside is waiting for you, I suggest you go get in it before he gets bored and leaves.

See you soon Lover Boy !



P.S. give your wallet and phone to the taxi driver, you won’t be needing them. If you don’t give them to the driver, he won’t take you where you need to go… 😡

My cock stiffened at the thought and I was musing what I was going to have to do when the taxi beeped his horn.

The taxi was still there and I opened the rear door.

“About time mate” the driver said grumpily.

“The lady says I got to ask you for your phone and wallet. Don’t worry they’ll be perfectly safe with me.” he said smiling in a way that I would have doubted the statement if Kathy hadn’t arranged all this.

I dutifully handed them over and the driver dropped them into an envelope and sealed it.

“Ok, off we go.” He grinned as we pulled away.

“Where are we going ?”

“Sorry mate, the lady says I’m not allowed to tell you.” he smirked, “but I have to give you this.” he said handing me another folded paper with a gold star with the number 2.

Well done Pete. You’re being a good boy and doing as you’re told. The bad news is that you’re going to have to pay for some of my little notes, but as you don’t have any money, you’re going to have to pay for them with your clothes. I hope you’re wearing enough 😉

I’m still waiting and my little Pete substitute is buzzing…


Kathy x

Pay with my clothes ? What the hell did she mean by that ?

I didn’t really have time to think about it as the taxi pulled up outside the art gallery.

“Here you go mate. The lady said you have to pay me.”

I started to protest that he’d got my wallet and then realised the game was afoot. I loosened my tie and handed it to the driver.

Stepping out on to the pavement the chill October day hit me and I muttered to myself that she could have picked a warmer day, then admonished my parents for my being born in a cold month !

Climbing the steps I was wondering where to go, then remembered that Kathy had a favourite painting in here that she always gravitated to showing a naked young woman draped on a bed in apparent post coital bliss. I hoped that Kathy wasn’t emulating that pose just yet with her “Pete Substitute”.

The painting was just where I remembered it was, but where was the next set of instructions ?

Then I noticed the young woman standing just to one side with a guide book. A guide book that had a gold star pinned to the cover.

She saw me looking.

“Hello Pete. Having fun ?” she smiled knowingly. Then I recognised her as one of Kathy’s friends from work.

“Kathy says I have to give you this.” she says waving a piece of paper in front of my nose, “but first you have to give me something.”

I kicked my shoes off.

“Here you go.” I offered.

“That’ll do nicely.” she said scooping them up and dropping them into a shopping bag before handing me a paper with the “3” star and walking off down the gallery.

So you did remember my favourite painting.

By now I’ve had at least one orgasm and my pussy is all wet and dripping, I’d hurry up if I were you, or I might be too worn out by the time you get here.

There’s a stop for the city tour bus outside the gift shop. Just a word of warning, you need to get your ticket before you get on the bus.

Kathy x

The tour bus ? Where the hell do I get a ticket from ?

As it left from outside the gift shop, that had to be the starting point, so off I padded across the cold marble floor. The thought of Kathy pleasuring herself while she waited for me was enough to put a bit of a spring in my step and some life in my cock.

The gift shop was the usual collection of cheap useless toys for the kids and over priced reproductions for the adults. A sign on the desk announced that they sold tour bus tickets at the checkout.

“Ok, that’s pretty simple. “ I thought, “just ask, I presume Kathy has a ticket behind the counter for me.”

The cashier was a young girl, about 19, probably a student trying to earn some extra cash to supplement her student loan.


I smiled sweetly.

“I’m Pete.”

She looked at me blankly.

“Do you have a tour bus ticket for me ?”

She turned away and tore a bright orange ticket from a book.

“That’ll be £8.” She held out her hand in expectation.

“I’m sorry. I’ve no money.” I explained.

She looked at me as if I’d gone insane.

“No money, no ticket !” she scowled and staring over my shoulder shouted “Next !”

Ok, Kathy obviously hadn’t made it that easy for me. I looked around the shop hoping to see someone with a gold star, but there was no one. The tour bus timetable announced that a bus would leave in 5 minutes but I had no ticket as yet.

I wandered around the shop hoping that someone would spring out from behind a shelf with a ticket, but the shop was virtually empty. Then I noticed a book of ancient erotic art that had a priapic lamp on the cover, in the corner was a gold star. I grabbed the book and riffled through the pages. A ticket fell out. I scooped it up and put the book back on the shelf. It seemed I’d got away without forfeiting any clothing this time.

Feeling very smug with myself I walked out of the shop and had to run to get to the bus. I offered my ticket to the conductress.

“Nope, Sorry can’t accept that.” she stared at me.

“Don’t you have something else to pay with ?” she prompted.

Another friend of Kathy’s. I whipped off my socks and offered them to her. She wrinkled her nose and directed me to drop them in the waste bin. The concrete floor was freezing and I was glad to get on the bus before I got frostbite in my toes. The next item of clothing I lose was going to make life even chillier I thought. But I didn’t have any instructions this time. What was I supposed to do ?

I sat staring out of the window as the bus set off. Wondering if I’d missed something, was there a piece of paper with the ticket that I some how missed ?

“On the left is the town library, built…” the tour guide droned on.

“The building on your right is where…” and on…

“and the Hotel Roxburgh on the right is where Pete should get off.”

What did I just hear her say ? The bus ground to a halt. I leapt out of my seat and found myself standing on the pavement as the bus drove off and the tour guide gave me a wink.

Kathy is waiting for me in a hotel, so this one has to be a good bet, but what room ?

The Roxburgh was the poshest hotel in town, complete with a bowler hatted doorman. I hoped that the slightly dishevelled man with no shoes or socks would go unnoticed as I walked through the lobby. I headed for the lift, not really sure what else to do. Waiting in the bar would probably result in my getting thrown out as I had no money and being barefoot wasn’t sufficiently trendy in October.

I stepped into the lift and the doors closed leaving me alone wondering where to go from here. I could hardly go knocking on every door. Then I noticed the little gold star, like the one you get from your teacher when you’ve been good with a hand written “4” in the center.

It was next to the button for the bar. I pressed it.

The lift doors opened onto the swanky bar, dim lights, soft music, velvet

benches. Stepping out the carpet felt warm and soft to my cold feet.

No one seemed to be paying me any attention, so I walked up to the bar and in as sophisticated voice as I could manage ordered a tap water. The barman gave me a very strange look as he asked I wanted ice.

I declined.

No charge as I expected. I was glad I’d read that about the government insisting on all bars offering tap water free !

Trying not to look conspicuous, I looked around the room. Then it struck me that the bar mats were gold stars. I picked one up and flipped it over. It had “5” scribbled on it and the instruction “Order Champagne for Kathy”.

I called the barman back over and asked for a bottle of champagne to be sent to “Kathy’s room”. I was sure he was going to laugh and then have me thrown out, but to my surprise he answered me with a smile.

“Certainly Sir. And how are you going to pay ?”

something major had to give.

I took a deep breath and answered, “Do you accept trousers ?”

He grinned and said “Of course sir.”, then waited, staring at me expectantly.

With as much dignity as I could muster I stood, undid my belt buckle and trouser button and pulled my trousers down and stepped out of them, folded them and handed them to the barman. I was glad I hadn’t chosen to go commando today.

“Thank you sir, and I believe this is for you.” handing me the folded paper in exchange.

Hello Pete.

I’m guessing you must be feeling a bit chilly by now. I think you need to visit the spa and take a jacuzzi.

I do hope you’re on schedule, or else I’m going to end up calling for room service, because I seriously want servicing right now !


Kathy x

The barman directed me back to the lift as the spa was on the top floor. I was feeling the draft now I’d lost my trousers and hoped that the lift would be empty.

It wasn’t.

I stepped in as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be walking around in just boxers and a shirt. Thankfully the elderly couple played the best British stiff upper lip and pretended not to notice and they got out a couple of floors later.

The spa complex was luxurious indeed. The Jacuzzi was to one side of what was a huge swimming pool to have at this level, but with glass walls all around offering a tremendous view over the city.

There was a blonde woman about 40 in a swimsuit already lounging in the bubbling water, so I took my shirt off and lowered myself in wearing my boxers casually nodding to my bathing partner. After the charging around in the last hour or so it was lovely to be able to stop for a little bit and relax.

I sat back, closed my eyes and soaked up the heat.

“Kathy won’t wait for you forever you know !”

My eyes snapped open.

“Pardon, did you say something ?” I asked the blonde.

“I said Kathy isn’t going to wait forever. You haven’t got time to be lounging around.” She admonished me.

“I’ve got some information for you, but it’s going to cost you.”

“My shirt’s over there.” I gestured.

“I don’t think the hotel would appreciate you walking around dripping water all over their expensive carpets. I think you’d best give me your wet boxers.” She smiled charmingly.

I had no choice, I slid the boxers off over what had become quite a firm erection thanks to the buffeting of the bubbles, and handed them to her.

She took them off me between finger and thumb and unceremoniously dumped them to one side.

Pointing to the far wall she said “There’s a towel over there to dry yourself off.”

I stood up my erection wagging a foot from her face. She studied it for a few moments before looking at me and telling me I’d best get that to Kathy as she’d been waiting for it.

“Room 217” she smiled.

At last I thought, as I walked over to the towel my cock pointing the way ahead.

“Leave the towel behind.” I heard her say, reading my mind.

I pulled on my shirt and buttoned it up. My cock was poking out the bottom like a signpost. No amount of Britishness was going to stop anyone from commenting on my attire now.

Room 217 was a couple of floors down. I decided to take the stairs as I could hopefully avoid any surprises in the lift.

I started running scenes in my head, what I was going to do with Kathy. She was going to get a good hard fucking for a start, my cock was throbbing with the anticipation. Then I was going to throw her over my knee and spank her for all this. But of course she’d enjoy that.

I opened the stairwell door on to 217’s floor and peeked out. No one in sight.

211, 213, 215, 217. Made it. She was so going to get spanked.

I knocked on the door.

As it opened I said “You are SO going get fucked !” and was met with the face of an unknown woman with long wavy hair in her early 20’s in a very smart business suit.

She stared at me. I was the one who was fucked, standing here with my cock bouncing around, issuing threats like that. I felt a ride in a police van coming on.

“Hello Pete. Come in.” She smiled and stepped to one side.

I slid past her expecting Kathy to be in the room but she wasn’t.

“Where’s Kathy ?”

“oh, I’ll direct you to her shortly. But there’s something else to do first. Sit down.” and she pushed me onto the bed.

I protested as she walked over and clicked some music on.

“I’m Mary. I’m a present from Kathy. She says if you come before you get to her, you get no sex for a week ! So no playing with yourself !” and with that she starts dancing and swaying provocatively.

It turns out Kathy has bought me a private lap dance.

So I’m lay on the bed as this gorgeous this woman strips and gyrates in front of me with my cock fit to explode. Quite how I stopped myself I’ll never know.

The suit comes off to reveal a g-string and enormous tits barely contained in their bra. Then they aren’t contained any more and she’s rubbing baby oil into herself.

“Did you enjoy that ?” Mary asked after the 15 minutes of torture was up.

“Yes. Thanks.” I stammered trying to lift my eyes above her massive oiled tits.

“Well you’d best take that,” Mary nodded at my painfully throbbing cock, “off to Kathy then. I’m sure she’ll find something to do with it.”

Opening the door, she said “Shirt please.”

10 seconds later I was stark bollock naked.

“You might want to try Room 513.” she said as she more or less shoved me into the corridor.

“Ok, three floors up.” I headed back to the stair well, feeling a little vulnerable, my shirt had been something even if it hadn’t been hiding a lot. But there was now a naked man with a very engorged penis wandering around the hotel.

Floor 5 was thankfully quiet as I made my way down the hall counting doors.

513. I was just about to knock the door down when I saw the gold star, with the number 351 on it. I was being redirected. If I’d knocked it wouldn’t have been a lap dancer that answered.

Back to the stairs.

Floor 3. Room 351. Gold star. 433.

Floor 4. room 433. Gold star. 712.

In spite of one near miss when a couple came out of a door just ahead of me but thankfully turned and walked away from me without looking in my direction, I was getting quite used to running around naked now with my cock bobbing and weaving as if it was conducting an orchestra as I jogged the corridors on my next quest.

Floor 7, room 712. Gold star. 216.

216 was the room opposite Mary’s room

Kathy had undoubtedly been watching as I’d been thrown naked into the corridor. Sniggering as she knew I’d been run all around the hotel.

I finally reached 216 and knocked.


I knocked again.

I put my ear to the door, I could hear the buzzing of Kathy’s vibrator and heavy breathing, then loud orgasmic moans descending into silence.

I knocked again.

I hear the padding of naked feet coming to the door.

She throws it open. She is naked her body glistening with sweat, hair matted to her head, breathing heavily, body blushed with the recent orgasm.

She grins at me.

“You took your time, I was just about to open the next pack of batteries. Happy Birthday !”

She grabs my cock and pulls me into the room, letting the door slam itself behind us.

4 thoughts on “Paperchase.

    1. Fettler says:

      Glad you liked the story. There is some truth in it. The paperchase side sort of happened but without the sexual components (and I was the one laying the trail) and I’ve run naked around hotels in the past (the photo is me doing just that…) so…

      1. sassycoupleok says:

        How interesting, and I thought I was the only one who ran around hotels nude, going for ice, the vending machine, taking the elevator and running up and down the stair wells. Not to mention all the nude swims. Love the pic too, very cool !!

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