Selfie With A Difference


In the back end of last year I was thinking about photography and how since I gave up my studio a few years ago to move back north, I’ve not done much at all.

I came across a guy on Twitter, Varian Viciss, (@VarianViciss) who had started a 365 project of daily nude selfies and it got me to thinking.

At the same time a couple of tweeps started a “naked advent calendar” and that made my mind up to do something and the Selfie with a difference project was born.

Most selfies are taken by people using their phones at arms length showing the person grinning at the camera. I decided that I’d do my selfies without that element. So they are all anonymous,body without face. Not because I’m ashamed of what I’m doing, nor because I truly want to stay anonymous, but to focus on the image rather than the person – the anti-selfie…

The vast majority of nudes that we are presented with are women and the few men tend to be young, and boasting a six-pack and/or large appendages.

I also thought it would be interesting to see if images of a 50+ year old man could be considered worthy of viewing.

It has turned out that most of my images are monochrome as the graphic qualities of the image are shown after best, though a couple of colour ones have sneaked though where I think it has been helpful.

Coming up with an image a day is tough. I try not to repeat myself. Though there are perhaps a few too many images from the rear.

Whilst I’m not shy about my penis, it took some heavy thinking and discussion with friends to decide to post an image with an erection. I expected it to be divisive, but the support for the publication of the image has been very positive.


In my view the erection is a critical part of the image, but others may consider that I’m being exhibitionist… but that depends on the point of view you choose to adopt.

Since I’ve been posting an image a day (just posted #50 as I write); my interest in photography has been reawakened and my creative juices are flowing again as I try to come up with new ways of creating a Selfie-with-a-difference.

I’d originally intended to shoot a pic every day, but that isn’t practical, so I confess I’ve built up a buffer stock to make my life easier. But almost every image has been taken since the start date.

I’ve shot a lot with my phone (in true selfie style) but I’ve started using a better camera and some deliberate studio style lighting in my most recent exploits, and I’m starting to use more tools such as Lightroom & Photoshop on the PC and Snapseed, Pixlr and PicsayPro on my Android phone.

I’m hoping that the folks on Twitter are enjoying my efforts as much as I’m enjoying producing them. I will be generating a photo album on here in the near future as I re-orientate this blog, but other things are sucking up my time at the moment, so you’ll just have to be patient with me.


9 thoughts on “Selfie With A Difference

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Interesting project, we admire it. You have obviously put some time and thought into poses and how to process the pic before finalizing which one you’re posting. The erection pic, nicely artist !! I think overall we are becoming more and more accepting of the male erection, it is after all a part of the male make up and a man certainly is not defined by his erection.

    1. Fettler says:

      But the erection is one of the last taboos and is rarely accepted as a body state that can be shared. So it is interesting to challenge that taboo, especially by publishing a photo which doesn’t express imminent sexual activities.

      1. sassycoupleok says:

        Yes you are correct and I meant to say it was presented in an artistic way. Good for you !!

  2. Exposing40 says:

    Great post and great to see the photos in a permanent home where they won’t get lost down the Twitter timelines. Really look forward to seeing how this project develops. Xx

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