A Clothes Free Commute

As a dedicated naturist, I do my best to live my life without clothes. there are those who scoff and call naturists weird or perverts, but my belief is that they actually don’t know what they are talking about about and are basing their opinions on other uninformed opinions and third party anecdotes.

How many non naturists have actually ever been to a Sun Club, a naturist swim or even sat naked in a single sex sauna ?

I’m willing to bet virtually none.

As for me I choose to live life without clothing as much as possible and I dislike having to get dressed to do anything. I used to work for myself from home and it was possible to spend virtually the whole week without clothing other than throwing on a t shirt & jeans to go for food !

This isn’t a lifestyle choice for me. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide that I wanted to go naked. I’ve never liked wearing clothes and I remember to this day the discovery that there were people called “nudists” (thanks H&E !).

Putting clothes on after being naked for even a few hours putting clothes on feels so restrictive and rough against your skin. (how many non naturists (aka “textiles” in nudist speak), are ever naked (and awake) for more than a few minutes at a time ?)

Sadly I now work in an office with 50 other people and I suspect that being naked at my desk would elicit responses as I described earlier from my colleagues. And for those thinking its about exhibitionism, it’s not, its about comfort. As I sit at work typing this (naughty I know) I can feel my trousers squeezing my tackle into an unnatural position and the fabric feeling tight against my thighs, even though I usually go commando in loose, lightish fabric trousers. Later on it will get hot in here and the fabric will absorb my sweat and go damp and clingy. Really looking forward to that…

Until recently my commute to work involved public transport, car sharing or a motorbike. It has to be said that commuting to work by any of these methods require clothing as I’m mixing with the general public who are in the majority both Textile and prudish ! but for the last month I’ve been the proud owner of a four wheeled vehicle of my own.

(As an aside I went into a supermarket yesterday wearing t-shirt and running shorts – without a lining they are the closest to being naked, They do give a hint of the fact that I do have a penis as opposed to the squashed shapeless bulge that men seem to be expected to present in public. The result was that I was getting a few disapproving looks… I didn’t think my legs were that obnoxious…)

As I said I actually dislike wearing clothes and I strip when I get in my front door and dress just before I walk out of it !

I need to explain that my company requires that we work the Easter Friday and we also work flexitime. So a plan was hatched to extend my clothes free time.

So this morning I got up, showered & breakfasted as usual, and then walked out of the door to the car – without having got dressed… My work clothes were in a bag I threw onto the passenger footwell and I had a pair of running shorts and a t shirt on the passenger seat to hand in case they were needed.

I have to confess that it was early, about 0620, my reasoning was that most people would be on holiday today and the roads would be quiet. I also confess to hoping that the police were busy enjoying their bacon sandwiches and not deciding to pull up motorists on a bank holiday morning.

I pulled on my seat belt, turned the heating up high (it was about 8 Deg C outside) and set off on my naked journey. It was a misty morning and not quite the bright sunny day I had hoped for, but then it also gave me a small sense of a little extra security.

At the first set of traffic lights, I almost had a heart attack as there was a police car coming the opposite way, but thankfully he didn’t notice me.

One thing I have noticed over the years is just how little attention people pay to their surroundings when they are driving. Drivers look at the road and little else. if they do glance across at their fellow drivers a man driving bare chested or a woman with a strapless top is exactly the same view as if that person were naked.

Passengers are different, but unless the passenger is higher up (such as a 4×4 or truck) they can’t see below the top part of your chest, so you are technically “decent”.

On a hot sunny day, it’s not that unusual to see bare chested men, but at 0630 on a misty morning, it’s not that common…

I had considered taking a back route to work, but decided that the roads were so quiet that I could chance my normal route which took me through the centre of town.

I have to say I was incredibly nervous, but the whole 12 mile trip went without any incident whatsoever and the feeling of liberation and freedom was a marvellous way to start the day.

Feeling brave I actually pulled into the company car park and parked up in a quiet distant corner to dress, which only took me a couple of minutes.

On the whole it was a great success and I may well repeat it. Stripping off in the car after a day at work and driving home clothes free via a longer but quieter route is also up for consideration.
Lets hope that this lovely sunny weather continues.

So next time you see a set of bare shoulders in a car, just contemplate that the person you see may well be naked and enjoying their clothes freedom.

** as an aside it for those that don’t know the law, it’s not actually illegal to be naked anywhere in England (Scotland is a different matter as Steve Gough has discovered). What is illegal is to have intent to offend persons. Though the police can use broad powers such as Breach Of The Peace and a couple of other “catch-all” pieces of law to harass you if you refuse to cooperate. Personally I reckon that being naked in your car, with a cover up close to hand should not be a prosecutable offence. though if you were unfortunate enough to get a bigoted policeman they could undoubtedly make your life awkward !

4 thoughts on “A Clothes Free Commute

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Wife and I have driven home from several outings nude in warmer weather, feels absolutely awesome. I often drive nude when I travel. There have been some interesting events which just add to the thrill of it.

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