The Election Debate

Ok, None of the party leaders have declared themselves naturists (not openly at least) but despite their shortcomings it has been interesting to watch the debates.

It’s my opinion that these debates have shown us more about the parties, the policies and our potential Prime Ministers than any amount of Party Political Broadcasts or manifestoes.

Cameron sounds less sincere than Bliar (if that’s possible…), and look behind the scenes, do we really want little Georgy-Porgy running our economy ?

Brown is fighting a losing battle – He did inherit some crap when he took office. TB stepped aside at just the right moment before it all went tits-up. Can we blame Brown for the greedy bankers screwing up the world’s economy ?  Probably not. Although perhaps we could argue that he should have foreseen our over dependance on the financial sector, and regulated the banks more (but it was Maggie Thatcher who deregulated them in the first place…)

As for Clegg, he’s looked confident and polished throughout and has refused to play political point scoring on the stage. To people who aren’t used to lateral thinking, and the black & white policies of the Labour and Conservatives, his policies can seem left field, but surely in these times, that’s what’s needed.

Over lunch I had occasion to read The Sun. I know The Sun is backing Cameron, but if it goes any further it will have to start printing itself on blue paper ! Their review of the debate last night just doesn’t tally with what I saw (I wonder how many Sun readers ignored the Liverpool football game on ITV to watch our future Prime Minister in action ?)

The Sun says that Clegg would give amnesty to one million illegal immigrants, that’s just plainly untrue !  the one million figure did come up, but it was in relation to the TOTAL number of legal immigrants.

Nobody, even Cameron could come up with a figure for the illegal immigrants  When Clegg tried to point out that 80% of our immigrants come from the EU and nobody had the power to ban them (Freedom of movement for ALL EU citizens enshrined in EU law), Cameron just started to waffle – he couldn’t deny it and he wasn’t going to say that Clegg was right !

We have an interesting election coming up in a week. I think it’s going to change the face of British politics and UK Government for the better.

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